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Goerli features may become limited and inaccurate moving into Q4. This is due to an ecosystem wide sunset of Goerli.

Fren Staking

Socially Create, Stake, Yield.

ETH Staking.

Create an LSD Network or join one of three staking pools.

Three Pool ETH Staking

Stakehouse LSD Networks decentralize ETH and collect 0 commissions.

Protected Staking

Stake ETH to receive multichain composable ETH.

No minimum


+33% of EDC


Stake now →

Fees and MEV

Get paid in ETH.

No minimum


50% of MEV


Stake now →

Node Operator

Receive a validator for 4 ETH. Then run it however you want.



Collect 50% of Fees & MEV


Stake now →

Fren Staking

Stake your ETH with frens or frens of frens

Stake directly to a specific validator.

Stake now →

Protected Staking

Liquid staking without slashing or leakage.

MEV Staking

Get paid in ETH.

Node Operators

Stake 4 ETH to receive a validator. Collect 50% of the MEV and fees.

Fren Staking

Stake your ETH with frens or frens of frens.

Minimum Stake

Any Amount

Ethereum Staking Reward


Stake Now

Liquid Staking with Optionality

Your LSD Network in 60 seconds

Create an LSD Network and set your own commissions. The limit is your imagination.

Permissionless Networks

Create an LSD Network with no restrictions.

Permissioned Networks

Token gate or KYC your stakers.

DVT Networks

All LSD Networks are compatible with DVT.

Friends and Family

Providing staking services for those close to you.

No limitations

There is an extensive SDK for those who want to build.

Decentralized ETH Staking.

For node operators and liquidity providers.

3 Pool Staking

  • Stake with any amount
  • Get rewards in ETH
  • Become a node operator for 4 ETH
Stake Now

Fren Staking

  • Stake with Frens
  • Or Frens of Frens
  • Stake to any validator
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Launch your LSD

  • Collect a commission
  • Build a brand
  • Fully customizable
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Home Staking

Stake your validator in 60 seconds.

Stakehouse Academy

Access materials and tutorials for developers.

Stakehouse Monitoring

Monitor performance of Stakehouse validators.

Stake an ETH validator for 4 ETH.

Start your Staking journey today!

Slash free ETH staking.

MEV and Fees staking with any amount.

MEV and Fees staking for any amount.